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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yummy Cuddlefest

Hello lovely people!

Tonight our meal consisted of:
Tuna Stir Fry
Old-Fashioned Apple Pie (!!!)

*Recipes and/or sites that we used will be at the end of the meal's post.*

Yes, we decided to go for the stir fry with tuna. Sarah was a little skeptical, but it turned out delicious!

We went to Dollar Tree to get measuring cups and a cutting knife and board and some other things for cheap, and we ended up getting most of our ingredients there. Dollar stores. GO THERE FIRST.

Anyway, tonight we had some dinner guests. Marissa joined us for the stir fry, and Matt joined us for pie. Matt sat with us during dinner, but he had already eaten.

We started by prepping the pie. First we made the pastry, so it could sit in the fridge and chill while we did everything else. We don't have a working blender, so Sarah had to work through the shortening with two knives.

Gotta be creative in college.

We chose to use half Granny Smith and half Golden Delicious. GOOD CHOICE. It was an excellent mix. Rebecca peeled, leaving the peels on a plate for munching because we love our fiber. Sarah sliced, but Rebecca thought the slices should be thinner. So she sliced them again.

Not that she has OCD or anything.

Then we had an enormous amount of the pie filling, and Sarah was snacking on it pretty much until it went into the pie tin. Rebecca was awfully frustrated with that!

Next we got the rice steaming on the stove. While it steamed, Sarah rolled out the pastry with a nalgene bottle (we couldn't find a rolling pin at the dollar store!) and set it in the pie tin. Then she filled it with the apple filling. Turns out we had twice as much filling as necessary, and Sarah's snacking was not all that terrible - except she risked ruining her appetite.

Then the pie went in the oven, and the rice was done. We emptied the pot into a bowl and set out to make another batch of rice. That was all well and good - but Sarah forgot to turn the heat down after the water boiled, so the second batch completely burned. Oopsie... Oh well.

Finally we made the stir fry. We discovered upon heating our veggies that we do not want to buy dollar store frozen vegetables again. It took almost ten minutes to stir fry them, when it was supposed to take four. Also, there were no water chestnuts in this mix, and those are the best part!

The tuna in the stir fry was actually REALLY good. Everyone enjoyed it and had seconds. Marissa thanked us for inviting her to eat with us, adding that she had food coma.

It was sooooo gooooood!
Marissa serves us dinnah! And Matt chills out on the couch.

Then it was time for apple pie! It came out looking absolutely beautiful, and it tasted even better. Matt cut half of it into three slices for us, and we sat on the couches in taste bud heaven. We all ended up getting another helping, and by the end of the evening, we had devoured the whole thing.

Thank you to Sarah's cravings!

Another delicious success for Rebecca and Sarah!

Recipes and Sites
Thank you to FoodGawker for helping us find recipes!

Tuna Stir Fry


We forgot to get a head of garlic or a lemon. And we refused to put in any sugar. Still tasted great!

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie


We did not want to spend $6 on a teeny container of nutmeg, so we left it out. We didn't miss it.

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