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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Matzah, Pasta, same thing...

Sarah definitely tried to read the word "matzah" at one point this evening, and "pasta" came out instead. Freudian slip? Secret desire for chametz? Probably...

Happy Passover!

Tonight's meal consisted of:
Spinach and feta mina (a mina is a layered matzah pie)
Matzah apple kugel
Peppermint hot chocolate

*Recipes and/or sites that we used will be at the end of the meal's post.*

Sara-without-an-h joined us again! (That would be Sara S, Rebecca's future roommate, from three weeks ago.) And she helped prepare the dishes with us which was delightful, as was her company.

Hard at work. Look at that blurry mixing!

So after we got the mina filling done, we set it aside in the fridge to chill while we prepared the kugel. Rebecca asserts that Gala apples are great for baking, and they certainly were. She had to sauté them half at a time though, since Sarah's pan hasn't grown since the pancakes.

Sizzly sizzly sizzly.

While she did that, Sarah prepared all the matzah-stuff. For the kugel, she soaked the five slices in a bowl with the orange juice and water (it's not as crazy as it sounds - check the recipe), and for the pie, she held each slice under the faucet and then stuck it under a towel. Then they could soften.


The kugel mixture ended up going into Sarah's pie tin twice, since it was supposed to cook in a casserole dish and the pie tin was half that size. We layered the mina filling and matzah slices into a baking pan, but didn't use the whole space.

We also were a liiiiittle short on matzah slices.

We cooked the first half of the kugel, then the mina, and then the second half of the kugel, which went right into our tupperware containers. :) ALL OF IT WAS SOOOO DELICIOUS!

They came out looking like this:

Matzah apple kugel.

Spinach and feta mina.

Dsijflkasdjfiskndfvsiojv!!!! Passover food can taste good????

Well, this is seconds, so it must taste pretty good.

After dinner and clean up, Rebecca and Sara S went to a Doctor Who new season party. When they returned to Sarah's room, Rebecca brought a happy little bottle of hot chocolate mix with a "hint of mint."

Just a hint.

Mixed with some skim milk and some leftover cream from the soup, this was really good. For an added kick, you might wanna try adding some peppermint schnapps...

"Now this is contentment..." - Sarah

Just sayin'...

That's all for this week.
Love, hugs, and deliciousness,
Rebecca, Sarah, and Sara

Recipes and Sites
Thank you to FoodGawker for helping us find recipes!

Spinach and feta mina

(The mina template is the first recipe, and there are several filling options below it. Spinach and feta is the FOURTH FILLING recipe.)

We skipped the dill because we didn't see any at the supermarket. Was still crazy yummy. Also, we got a bag of baby spinach (6 ounces) instead of a small bunch. Was a good amount, in our opinion. And we used 5 slice of matzah in the template - but 6 would have been better.

Matzah apple kugel


Again, we used 5 slices instead of 6, but this time it didn't seem to matter. We omitted raisins from the recipe since Sarah doesn't like them. And as we said before, we cooked it in two halves, each for about 30-35 minutes.

Peppermint hot chocolate

A 3/4 filled mug with a milk of your choice. We added a little cream to our skim milk.
Microwave for 1 to 2 minutes on high. (Times may vary depending on your microwave.)
Mix in your favorite chocolate syrup/powder.
Add a dollop of peppermint schnapps for an optional kick.

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