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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cheese cheese cheese

This update is coming two days later... We apologize, since we know you have just been gripping your seat with anticipation for the last 48 hours!

Our meal on Saturday consisted of:
Tortellini with blue cheese and walnuts
Stir fry vegetables

*Recipes and/or sites that we used will be at the end of the meal's post.*

The original recipe was called "Gnocchi with Gorgonzola and Walnuts." However, we checked TWO supermarkets, and neither had gnocchi, so we chose a tri-color tortellini instead. Also, we went with a blue cheese that was small and within our price range, not minding exactly what kind it was.

We had two lovely guests for dinner - Sarah L and Sara S, for a total of three Sara(h)s and a Rebecca. They were awesome company during food prep, as well as very helpful when we needed extra hands. Such as when we needed a photographer!


This meal was not difficult to prepare at all. However, that does not mean there were no bumps along the way. We have only one cooking pot, and the pasta called for two, so we had to cook the pasta first, drain it and put it in a bowl, then use the pot to make the sauce, then put the pasta BACK into the pot, put it all BACK into the bowl, wash the pot, and make the stir fry. That was one busy pot.

Also, Sarah pretty much dumped all the pasta into the sink while she was draining it. She'll improve. :)

The stir fry was easy, as we'd done it before on our first night. We chose it because with our carb'n'cheese filled main dish, we wanted some veggies. Also, we still have half a jar of soy sauce. Also also, we love stir fry. (Clearly, as this was our third time making it.)


The table was set for four, and food was placed in the center. We were like a little family!

Four's a family.

The four of us had a delicious dinner, and the company was so pleasant that we continued to socialize even as we were bringing things back up to our rooms. And for several hours into the night/early morning. Which is why we forgot to update the blog... Sorry...

So pretty.

We - the Chicas - are making plans to continue the blog next year. Sarah will be graduating, but will update the blog from time to time when she cooks at home. Rebecca will be roommates with Sara S (and might be suitemates with Sarah L!), and they will update the blog from Goucher with meals from school.

Additionally, April is a very busy month, and the end of the semester is approaching. Blog posts may or may not be on Saturday nights... If neither of us have a final one day during finals week, we may decide to cook on a weeknight instead. Just a heads up.

Happy April!
The Chicas

Recipes and Sites
Thank you to FoodGawker for helping us find recipes!

Tortellini with Blue Cheese and Walnuts


As we said, we replaced the gnocchi with tortellini and the gorgonzola cheese with store brand blue cheese. Additionally, we doubled the recipe to serve four instead of two. Except for the walnuts - we forgot to double the walnuts. There was plenty for everyone, and there was even enough leftover for Sarah to pack a dinner for work the next day.

Stir fry

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